Briquetting presses

Briquetting presses are machines for pressing wood waste and scraps and therefore useful for the disposal and recycling of manufacturing waste.

For many years our expertise in design, research and construction have made our "OL.D" range of hydraulic presses the ultimate in efficiency and reliability. 

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Pelleting plants

With more than 25 years of experience, Costruzioni Nazzareno has become a leader throughout Europe in the design and construction of “turnkey” systems for processing industrial waste.  

A plant or system is a group of machines joined together for the production cycle. This cycle differs in every plant, since the characteristics of the product to be processed (type of wood, particle size, moisture content, initial state, etc.) are always different. The system may be divided up into sections that may be automated according to customer requirements or requests; in other words we can supply a fully automated plant or automate just single sections.

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We design and build belt and rotary drum dryers. These machines are developed only after we have meticulously analyzed a wide range of operating and stress conditions in the field, thereby ensuring the range is sturdy and reliable. Our dryers can efficiently process large quantities of raw materials while guaranteeing that the final product respects customer requirements.  

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"K" slow-rotor shredders have been designed to shred any type of wood, i.e. reduce the volume of bulky wood waste.

The result, in terms of wood chip size, varies according to the result and use that must be achieved.

Once refined, the shredded material free from plastics or glues, is excellent for producing briquettes and pellets.

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Hammer mills

Our hammer mills are the result of years of experience in the field with wood waste processing plants. We have a wide range of machines designed to satisfy any customer requirements. Both moist and dry material can be processed and there is no restriction on minimum or maximum quantities. 

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Costruzioni Nazzareno designs and manufactures suction/extraction systems and has extensive experience in the following sectors: foundries for ferrous and nonferrous metals; die-casting; mechanics; renewable energy; paper and cardboard; plastic and rubber; bricks, glass and ceramics; marble and aggregate quarries; textiles and tanning; footwear; timber

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Biomass cogeneration is an energy optimizing process, which produces combined electricity and heat in the form of hot water. 

A biomass cogeneration plant offers even more value for money if combined with a pellet production plant, as the recovered heat can be used in the drying process, considerably increasing the efficiency of the system.  

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The growth of today’s pellet industry is dependent on being able to source the raw materials. To meet this need, Costruzioni Nazzareno srl has studied the agripellet production process at length, focusing on using vine shoots, one of the most abundant agricultural by-products in Italy.

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Horizontal mixers

The CMX mixer range has been developed following meticulous analysis of a wide range of operating and stress conditions in the field. The result is a range of highly reliable mixers which can efficiently process a variety of raw materials.  

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Feeding systems

We design and manufacture feeding systems for plants or individual machines on commission.

We design and build: extractor units with flanges; multiple screw extractor units; spring and blade scrapers; disc separators/scalpers

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Storage systems

Storage systems are designed to contain wood shavings, sawdust and waste in general. They are made to customizable diameters and measurements with capacity ranging from 3 to 300 m³.

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Conveyor systems

Costruzioni Nazzareno can supply a wide range of conveyor solutions, including: screw conveyors, bucket elevators, conveyor belts, redlers, slat conveyors, scraper conveyors, pneumatic conveyors and compartmenting valves. 

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We design and build pellet cooling, screening and cleaning systems which ensure the product is pristine and recover material which can be reused in the production cycle.

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