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“SPARTA” slow rotor shredders are machines designed for shredding every type of wood, essentially reducing the volume of large waste. The result, in terms of chip size, varies depending on the result you wish to achieve and the necessary uses. The shredded material, once it has been reduced, is suitable for the production of briquettes or pellets, always assuming that the wood does not contain adhesives or plastic.

Operating principle

The material being shredded is fed into the loading hopper either manually or through mechanical feed systems such as belts or mechanical shovels. The hydraulically-controlled feed chute pushes the material against the slow shredding rotor. The rotor, equipped with a series of hard metal reversible inserts, shreds the material with the aid of a fixed back blade. When the material is all fed in, the chute automatically retracts and repeats the cycle. The power transmission is carried out by belts that reduce the vibrations, prolonging the rotor’s service life. The shredded material falls through a sieve located around the rotor into the hopper below and is then removed through mechanical or pneumatic systems, depending on the model.

Construction features

  • Sturdy base frame, bearing the control unit’s oil tank.
  • Pump motor unit positioned in the top internal part underneath
  • Tilted hydraulic pusher for feed table
  • Material loading hopper
  • Power transmission system to the rotor, composed of belt and pulleys
  • Rotor with two-sided hard metal knives
  • Back blade /perforated sieve
  • Electric control panel with PLC.

Main characteristics

  • Structure built with thick reinforced sheet metal
  • Installed safety devices
  • 100% designed and built in Italy
  • High quality components
  • Simplified maintenance operations
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Reinforced reversible knives
  • Reduced risk of breakage
  • 30° tilted pusher

Technical specifications

Models SPARTA 500 SPARTA 700 SPARTA 1000 SPARTA 1300
Installed powers (kW) 11/15 + 2.2 15/18.5/22 + 4 18.5/22/30 + 4 + 1,5 37/45 + 4 + 1.5
Capacity (m3/h) 0,5 - 1,4 1 - 2,1 1,8 - 4 4 - 7
Rotor L (mm) 505 750 1065 1310
Rotor Ø (mm) 194 194 226 226
Inserts 17 23 44 52
Weight (kg) 2000 2400 3000 5000
Dimensions in millimetres (mm) 800 1030 3260 5015
1700 1950 2350 2350
1400 1800 3265 3249
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