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In order to cool the pellets and ensure the best possible quality, Nazzareno is able to supply a wide range of coolers.

Operating principle

The hot product enters the bin through the rotary feed valve. Below the rotary valve it is possible to install a distributor, which ensures the distribution of the product inside the cooler. The product is cooled inside the bin by a flow of air, which flows in through the extractor and out through the outlet.

The height of the product layer is controlled by an adjustable level sensor. The level sensor guarantees that the product layer maintains a pre-set height. As soon as the product activates the level sensor, it starts the extractor which makes the product come out through the hopper.

The unloading operation stops as soon as the layer of accumulated product drops below the level sensor. To prevent the product from clogging, the cooler is fitted with an overflow sensor, which stops product feeding to the cooler.

Technical specifications

“Arctic” series counter current coolers”

Models 14 x 14 19 x 19 19 x 24 24 x 24 28 x 28
Capacity pellet Ø6 mm (t/h) 3 6 8 10 13
Capacity pellet Ø8 mm (t/h) 2,5 5 7 8,5 11
Air flow rate (m3/h) 7000 13000 16000 20000 32000
Installed power (kw) 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1
Size excluding motor (cm) 2400 x 1800 x 2585 2800 x 2130 x 3690 3350 x 2630 x 3690 3350 x 2630 x 3690 3350 x 2630 x 3690
Weight (kg) 1350 1800 2200 2400 3400
Surface (m2) 2 3,6 4,5 5,8 7,8
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Vertical coolers with dust separator sieve incorporated by series standard (CV)

Models CV1
Code XXX
Pellet capacity (t/h) 1
Installed power (kw) 1,1
Installed power (kw) 1150 x 1550 x 3310
Weight 600

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