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Pelleting section

Nazzareno designs and builds standardised pelleting systems of various capacities. Our “pelleting sections” are produced in series and offer a high level of sturdiness and reliability.

The pelleting sections

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The flow of dry sawdust production starts from a mini storage silo to feed the pellet mill.

From here, through a double spiral screw, the product is dosed and constantly fed into the press for pellet production and then extruded through an annular die at a temperature of 70-80 degrees.

The hot-pressed material passes through the holes in the die where it is compacted due to plasticising of the lignin, losing part of the residual water by evaporation.

The blades position outside of the die cut the compacted wood to a length of about 2 cm.

The pellets are sent by mechanical conveyors, built specifically for high temperatures, to a cooler and once the dust has been separated through sieves, they are stored in a hopper set-up for loading into big bags or 15 kg sacks.

All of the dust is extracted through specific systems and recycled inside the plant.

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