We design and build pellet screening and cleaning systems which ensure the product is pristine and recover materials which can be reused in the production cycle.

VIV series

IVIV series vibrating screens are used to separate the dust contained in the pellets following production.

These are highly efficient machines comprised of a tilted surface installed on spring shock absorbers driven by 1 or 2 (based on the machine size) vibrating motors, of a screening grille that can be easily replaced, fitted with unloading chute, a flat dust collection base with conveyor hopper and connection to the extraction system.

VRT series

Rotary sieves in the VRT series are used to separate dust from pellets prior to packaging. The largest model reaches screening capacities of up to 50 Ton/h.

These are very sturdy and efficient machines built with a cylindrical form with central loading and side unloading, replaceable rotating screen mesh driven by a gear motor, flat bottom with scraper blade for dust extraction and pellet unloading.

Technical specifications

Models VIV 1 600 VIV 2 600 VIV 2 1000 VRT 8 VRT 50
Capacity (t/h) up to 1.5 up to 3 up to 8 up to 8 from 30 to 50
Screening type vibrating vibrating vibrating rotating rotating
Screening step 1 2 2 1 1
Motor (kW) 0,5 0,68 0,68 + 0,68 1,5 2,2
Dimensions (cm) 1980 x 965 x 1700 1980 x 965 x 1700 1980 x 1450 x 1730 1590 x 1820 x 590 1940 x 2375 x 880
Weight (kg) 670 670 800 590 870
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