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Magnetic separator systems

The magnetic separator drum is a machine designed to unload and extract ferromagnetic parts from agglomerate inert materials, swarf and sawdust.

Magnetic separator drum

The technological choices, defined in the design phase, the high quality of the materials used for construction, the accurate execution of the components, the correct assembly and strict testing, make it particularly reliable over time.

It is an automatic machine that is inserted into a production cycle with automatic feeding and unloading. The operation provided for this type of service is continuous (24/7). The machine is generally started/stopped by a centralised system with functions according to the purposes.


Variability and calibration

The conveyor cycle varies according to the real needs of the plant that the machine is connected to.


The machine has been designed for heavy use and is, therefore, made of materials that allow its classification as “machine for continuous operation”.

Technical specifications

Models DF2 DF3 DF6
Capacity (m3/h) 18 40 60
Motor (kW) 0,37 0,55 2,2
Dimensions (cm) 410 x 555 x 400 710 x 1100 x 640 850 x 1480 x 1000
Weight (kg) 150 200 350
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