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Belt Dryers

We design and build belt and drum dryers, carefully analysing the different operational and stress situations the machines can experience in the field. As a result, we offer a range of solid, realiable dryers which can handle high quantities of raw materials while ensuring the end of product respects set specifications.

Operating principle

A layer of wet material is deposited on the filter belt, dust-free. The belt laden with the material enters the drying chamber, where it is blown with clean warm air that removes moisture, according to the design parameters and specifications.

The air first blows through the wet material and then the belt. This provides the double effect of drying the material and filtering the drying air.

Construction features

  • Built with modular parts and rock wool insulation for internal installation
  • Augers for levelling and spreading the material
  • Width central belt inside a structure of modular panels
  • Heat exchangers with straight finned pack
  • Electric extraction fan interlocked with the dryer with belt and pulley transmission with connection pipes to the flue
  • Product unloading auger from the dryer with compartmentalising rotary valve
  • Belt cleaning system
  • Outfeed product humidity continuous monitoring probe
  • External temperature reading probe
  • Differential pressure switch
  • Flue smoke temperature reading probe
  • Dryer management electrical panel with control PLC
  • Supervision with the possibility of drying parameter variation

Main characteristics

  • High efficiency in the use of the heat
  • No change in the appearance of the dried material
  • No contamination with polluting particulate of the dried material
  • Reduced emissions in the atmosphere
  • Automatic adjustment of the drying parameters
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Can be combined with a vast range of heat sources
  • Suitable for drying a vast range of materials
  • 100% designed and produced in Italy

Example of layout combined with cogenerator

Attention: this product is modular and the price is given on request based on the parameters of use and the customer needs

Operating parameters

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Humidity at infeed

Humidity at outfeed

Particle size

Requested capacity

Plant capacity

TTemperature of available hot water

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