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Force HQ

The Force HQ briquetting press is designed to respond to the needs of companies that wish to produce a high quality product suitable for sale, on an industrial scale. Costruzioni Nazzareno offers a broad range of products that, on request, can also be adapted to specific situations.

Operating principle

The material being pressed is loaded into the container mini silo. The press is fed by a cone-shaped auger that sends the material directly into the mechanical compacting chamber. From here an ejection piston pushes the product through the extruder held tight by the piston clamp. Here, through friction created by the piston clamp, the material being pressed goes to final compression, thereby forming a briquette.

Construction features

  • Base frame, bearing the control unit’s oil tank.
  • Pump motor unit positioned under the oil tank
  • Press mechanics composed of pre-compaction piston, ejector piston, compaction head, extruder and piston clamp.
  • Screw feeder hopper
  • Air-oil exchanger
  • Ø 1500 mm mini silo with H 1000 mm element complete with level indicators for automatic operation
  • Press electric control panel with plc.
  • Briquette breaker.

Main characteristics

  • Dosing auger for homogeneous product feeding
  • Immediate on/off, minimum start times
  • High quality components
  • 100% designed and produced in Italy
  • Minimum wear of the components
  • Heavy loads, suitable for continuous operation
  • Automatic operation

Technical specifications

Models 70-150 HQ 80-250 HQ
Main motor (kW) 15 22
Auxiliary motors (kW) 1,5 + 1,5 1,5 + 1,5
Operating pressure (Bar) 170 - 200 170 - 200
Hourly production with wood chips and sawdust (kg) 120 - 150 200 - 250
Briquette Ø (mm) 70 80
Briquette Length (mm) 30 - 300 30 - 300
Weight (kg) 1650 1780
Dimensions in millimetres (mm) 2180 2180
1700 1700
1720 1920
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