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Our promise, for more than thirty years

“We live in a world greedy for energy which, however, has realized that it can no longer continue its irresponsible exploitation of non-renewable energy sources.”

We work in full respect of the land, with an eye of regard for environmental sustainability and energy optimisation.

Our business consists in recovering and transforming waste from biomass processing. It is an increasingly complex challenge, that pushes us to boost our commitment, to improve our performance and find new solutions to anticipate customer needs.

Energy recovery process

Processing residues

Recovery and collection of biomass processing waste

The Nazzareno process

Study, design and construction of innovative technological solutions for the transformation of waste into green energy

Renewable energy

Obtaining clean energy from biomass

Source of revenue

Economic gain from the sale of renewable energy

We always abide by our values

Ability to listen

Because we want to establish quality relationships and partnerships

Readiness and willingness

Because we want to be a reference for our customers

Efficiency and quality

Because we are demanding, attentive and selective

Respect for the environment

Because we want to live in a healthy world, now and in the future

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