Briquetting Presses - FORCE

Years of experience allowed us to develop our "FORCE" briquetting presses for the recyling and compression of wood and industrial waste.Thanks to their design, construction and features our briquetting presses are widely known for their efficiency and reliability.


 A wide range of accessories is also available to customize the machine to every client’s individual needs. 

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Shredders - SPARTA

"SPARTA" slow-rotor shredders have been designed to shred any type of wood, i.e. reduce the volume of bulky wood waste.

The result, in terms of wood chip size, varies according to the result and use that must be achieved.

Once refined, the shredded material free from plastics or glues, is excellent for producing briquettes and pellets.

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Hammer mills - DYNAMITE

Our "DYNAMITE" hammer mills are the result of years of experience in the field with wood waste processing plants. We have a wide range of machines designed to satisfy any customer requirements. Both moist and dry material can be processed and there is no restriction on minimum or maximum quantities. 

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